Ever since I began going out at night, I have been fascinated with how people change in the evening. They display an attitude which is completely different from the one they project during the day, at work, at school…They are more outward going, they want to have fun, they want to break free. I have always suspected that this was closer to what they are really like, to what drives them, to what sets them free. I have always observed this natural beauty with great curiosity, the smiles, the moments, the action, the confusion, sometimes even the outbursts that only happen at this hour.

I like to photograph people and moments in the raw, unposed and unstaged. I started shooting naturally when I was out in the evening having fun. I was not looking for anything, I didn’t want anything.

This is what gave rise to this project. They are moments, people I came across, moments I saw and most of all, moments I lived.